Vital Conversations

"Retaining good workers is the tipping point between success and failure for many organizations." 
Richard P. Finnegan, Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad
At BLG, we recently conducted a survey of 32,000 healthcare employees, leaders and physicians about their culture.  The biggest hurdle they cited was how to effectively manage poor performers.
Improving your healthcare organization’s overall performance means understanding how to coach your high achievers and manage your poor performers.  Many leaders struggle with this, and industry data shows it is one of the top challenges facing healthcare leaders.
Vital Conversations is our performance management tool that teaches healthcare leaders the art and science of retaining, developing and disciplining staff members.  Leaders learn how to assess and coach employees on their performance to achieve the expected department outcomes or goals.  Vital Conversations hardwires the three critical skills of performance management:
  • clearly communicating expectations to employees
  • defining specific behaviors that drive outcomes
  • providing feedback to the employee on performance related to the expectations
Vital Conversations will help your leaders learn how to:
  • Coach with an attitude of helping
  • Pay attention to one’s own personal impact
  • Recognize people’s desire to do the right thing
  • Focus on behaviors the employee can change
  • Know their “coaching communication style”
  • Learn to ask great questions and listen to the answers
  • Avoid telling “how to” - let them tell you
  • New habits take time … but not that much
Our Training Model and Certification Process 
The Vital Conversations model uses a consistent methodology to present the concepts, and demonstrate the skills and communication techniques.  This cannot be accomplished with a video or seminar.  Our entire curriculum is delivered through a multi-day “train the trainer” process.  We develop in-house facilitators who become proficient in the model.  They then train your staff and physicians, and provide ongoing support.  We certify your facilitators since they will drive organizational self-sufficiency and sustainable outcomes.
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