Stephanie Keller
Performance Improvement and Research Coach

Stephanie Keller serves as a Performance Improvement and Research Coach for BLG, a HealthStream® Company. She brings over a decade of experience in healthcare specializing in transforming decision support, market research and performance improvement data into actionable information. She works closely with leaders and front-line staff to help them understand the importance of accurate and effective data collection and analysis. She teaches clients how to use tools and techniques to successfully execute quality and performance improvement projects.

Stephanie is also responsible for conducting assessments of partner hospitals and health systems, synthesizing data like executive interviews, staff and leader focus groups, and employee surveys to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. She works with clients to improve their understanding of key performance indicators so they can prioritize improvement. She also provides analysis of partners' performance trends to focus coaching efforts to improve the patient experience.

Prior to joining BLG, Stephanie served as the Market Research Manager for the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare System in Memphis, TN. There she led the patient survey program, working with employees and patients to design a patient loyalty survey and actionable, easy-to-use reports while ensuring data integrity, validation and reliability. At Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, she coached directors and front-line staff on the importance of accurate and effective data collection and analysis. She also taught statistical, graphical and human factor tools and techniques to successfully execute quality and performance improvement projects.

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