Leader Performance System

Your healthcare organization probably faces many of the same challenges that we overcame: raising and sustaining service levels, engaging staff while improving efficiencies, and developing leaders who can consistently exceed performance goals.
In 2009, we experienced a 2.5% increase in operating margin, patient satisfaction above the 90th percentile, and a 4.3% increase in outpatient growth.
Our research shows the most effective way to achieve and sustain outstanding results like these is through leader alignment and accountability.  When individual leader expectations are clearly communicated, and aligned with the mission, vision, values, and annual goals of your organization, outcomes will improve and you’ll be positioned for long-term success.
Leader Performance System (LPS)
We developed the Leader Performance System to help healthcare organizations like yours implement an objective goal-setting and evaluation process that aligns individual leader goals with the annual goals of the organization to drive measureable performance results.
LPS is our proprietary web-based management solution that provides an easy-to-use platform for communicating organizational goals, and translating them into meaningful targets for leaders, departments, and staff. It also integrates your leader evaluation process to help sustain long term gains.
Performance Library
As an LPS user, you have full access to our Performance Library to help and support your leadership team in the goal-setting process.  Our custom data library includes industry-wide national norms and best practices for key performance indicators, and return on investment for improved performance against these measures.  You can use it to define individual and organizational goals and priorities against industry benchmarks and best practices.
More Key Features
  • Annual Leader Performance Evaluation - establishes specific, objective, and quantifiable goals
  • Quarterly Action Planning - helps leaders prioritize actions that will drive outcomes
  • Score Card - tracks and monitors individual performance
  • Behavioral Assessment - aligns personal day-to-day behaviors with organizational values
  • Supervisory Checklist - creates a focused agenda for monthly meetings with leaders
  • Reporting - identifies performance gaps at all levels
  • Goal Search - a repository of thousands of objective outcomes/goals that you can select from to set your annual goals
  • Goal Writing Wizard - easy, step-by-step application to write goals
LPS will help you:
  • Search thousands of objective outcome metrics by strategic focus in the Goal Library
  • Easily align and cascade goals throughout the organization with detailed reporting
  • Access performance results immediately through links to other resources
  • Built-in communication vehicle for goal validation and approval
  • Accelerate implementation with goal sharing and distribution across leadership team
  • Expert implementation and guidance from skilled professionals
  • Instantly identify gaps in performance at all levels of the organization
  • Step-by-step goal writing assistance with Goal Writing Wizard
  • Secure web-based access for straightforward integration and implementation
  • Automatic notification of outstanding items and actions

    Contact Marcy Vlachos at marcy.vlachos@healthstream.com for more information about Leader Performance System.