Katie Owens

Katie Owens
Vice President, HealthStream
Practice Leader, BLG
With over 15 years in healthcare helping organizations achieve service and operational excellence, Owens’ passion is creating an environment focused on the patient. As practice leader Owens serves as an ambassador to our clients for the culture that led Baptist Health Care to achieving world class results for nearly two decades. She works with senior teams to front line staff to establish alignment and engagement, and coaches how measurement and data influence behaviors and drive outcomes for patients and their families. She teaches our partner organizations how to interpret and act on key performance results, and has developed tools and techniques to reduce leader variance and create staff engagement in achieving outcomes.
Prior to joining the Leadership Group, Katie served as the director of Market Research for the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare system in Memphis, TN where she leveraged data and intelligence to support the organization’s mission. At Methodist Le Bonheur, Katie successfully led HCAHPS implementation for five acute care hospitals. She worked for a leading children’s health care system facilitating change management, as well as in business operations at a for-profit hospital, and directly with patients as a child life aid for a children’s hospital.
Katie has been an adjunct professor in Healthcare Administration at the University of North Florida. She is the lead author of BLG’s HCAHPS Imperative for Patient Centered Excellence and has been published in Health Education Research on the topic of consumer usage of the Internet to seek health information. Katie has presented at national conferences including the American College of Healthcare Executives, as well as at Baptist Leadership Group events.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development from the University of Florida and a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Florida.
“One of the most powerful accelerators for change is having all employees working towards and holding each other accountable to a common vision that achieves patient-centered results.”