The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating a Patient Centered Experience

HCAHPS is more than just a patient experience survey, it is a call to action for healthcare leaders and staff to achieve patient centered excellence - placing the patient at the center of our work; Every Patient, Every Time, Every Encounter.  It mandates accountability for the hospital experience based on patient’s perceptions.

The recent High Court’s decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has tremendous implications for hospitals and health systems across the country. 

Who will be covered? What will the price tag be? How will we continue to deliver the highest quality care and best outcomes to our patients in the midst of the uncertainty?  At the center of this evolution is the increasing importance of how our patients perceive the care we deliver to them, particularly as measured by the HCAHPS survey. 

Patient’s perceptions and our performance are and will continue to be major drivers of  value based purchasing and reimbursement dollars, and our ability to sustain and grow our organizations to provide the best care to patients, families and our communities.  Ignoring how we treat our patients, and the implications of HCAHPS will result in devastating financial consequences for healthcare organizations.

We are often asked by healthcare leaders, “How can we achieve sustainable improvement in our scores?  What strategies do we use to create consistency in our processes and outcomes, from the Boardroom to the bedside?  How do we create a patient centered culture that drives HCAHPS performance and maximizes VBP dollars?”

BLG offers practical, actionable tools, tactics and best practices to immediately impact the patient experience and drive results, because we know that what we teach works.  Our healthcare partners across the country average 25 percentile points above the national average for HCAHPS.

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Rapid HCAHPS Diagnostic
Take our brief survey and allow our expert analysts to prepare your diagnostic report including our summary findings, and priorities and recommendations to overcome your greatest challenges in achieving top box scores.  Analysis and report preparation takes 10 business days to complete.  We will contact you directly to deliver your results personally to you and your team.
The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating a Patient Centered Experience
by Baptist Leadership Group
Katie Owens, Lead Author
Contributions from the BLG team of subject matter experts.
In our new book, we focus on the urgency of HCAHPS to create a burning platform for patient centered excellence.  We introduce practical, evidence-based tools, tactics and processes that help you create alignment and effective execution by equipping the entire “continuum of care” to create a patient centered experience.  We share how you can create line-of-sight and ownership for keeping the patient at the center of your work, across each mission-critical role in your organization, from the Senior Team to the front line staff.  Ultimately, we tell you how the measurement processes and tools that we have pioneered can help you improve and sustain your HCAHPS performance for long-term service, operational and financial success.
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