Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution

Discharge planning is a critical element for improving quality outcomes and reducing re-admissions. As a whole, the patient perception is that most organizations do a good job at providing discharge instructions, as the HCAHPS Discharge Instructions Dimension is the highest scoring item according to Hospital Compare. But how do we insure that our patients truly understand these instructions and are properly following them? Once they leave our facility, we don’t know how they are doing unless we take proactive measures to find out. 

Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution

We developed the Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution to help healthcare organizations like yours to proactively take control of the Post Discharge Call processes. This web-based tool gives your organization the ability to concentrate on the patients and their care by automating many tasks that are manually managed in many organizations that perform Post Discharge Calls. It allows for personalization at each organization for consistent messaging when communicating to patients and to insure that your team is asking the questions that will help to reduce re-admissions. Information about each call attempt is recorded for reporting options which are incorporated directly in the tool. This means that there is no need to keep this data in manually created spreadsheets or paper-based logs…the Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution does all of that for you.

In addition to managing the call process, there is also a patient tracking module that can be utilized to assist in the discharge planning process. This module provides you with a means to track the time from intent to discharge until the actual discharge occurs. It displays information in both real-time and records data for historical reporting. The patient tracking module integrates seamlessly with Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution so that patients can automatically be added to the appropriate call list after they are discharged. 

Features of the system include: 

  • Instant access to active patient call lists for any area in the system
  • Number of call attempts and the result of each attempt are recorded by the system
  • To maximize your staff’s time, patients can automatically be removed from any list in the system based on length of time on the list and / or number of call attempts
  • Ability to incorporate custom scripting directly into the tool for the staff who are making the Post Discharge Calls
  • Ability to incorporate your own custom Post Discharge Questions and Fields. Additionally, the Questions and Fields can be further customized for different departments at your facility.
  • Real-time notification of delays in the actual discharge process
  • Easy analysis of data for reporting purposes.
  • Enhanced communication between departments in the discharge process

Reporting Features

You can create detailed, custom reports quickly and easily including: call logs, call results, average length of call times, volumes by hour, volumes by day, and employee productivity.


Sample Call Entry Form with Custom Scripting

The Eclipse Post Discharge Call Solution allows for custom fields and scripting. We will work with your organization to build your requirements into the tool to insure that your staff has the tools to ask the right questions in consistent, repeatable process.


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