Daily Line Up

"Effective communication is vital to the establishment of a healthy culture.  The Daily Line-Up™ is one of the simplest and most effective employee communication tools Baptist uses to engage the hearts and minds of our employees." Al Stubblefield, President Emeritus, Baptist Health Care
In the 1990’s, Watson Wyatt investigated 531 US companies undergoing change, and asked their CEO’s, “if you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?”  Overwhelmingly, the response was “I wish I had communicated more with employees.”
Your organization’s success is predicated on the ability to fully engage your employees and retain high performers using consistent, transparent and open communication.  A brief, daily gathering of your employees, called the Daily Line-Up™, is an extraordinary way to:
  • Improve morale and engagement
  • Build trust and commitment
  • Reduce turnover
  • Establish ownership through information sharing
  • Demonstrate transparency and open communication
  • Facilitate individual and departmental interaction
  • Develop leaders with daily learning opportunities
The Daily Line-Up is a web-based software tool that provides you with two-years of content to build your daily communication, making writing a week’s worth of 10 minute, topical and scripted “dailies” easy:
  • Select your topic of the week from over 100 topics such as leadership development, customer service, quality of care, and others areas
  • Select the quote of the day and a healthy living tip, or choose a different from our built-in database
  • Customize any hospital–specific information you wish to share with your workforce
Monongahela Valley Hospital improved employee engagement across their entire organization from the 10th percentile to the 75th percentile with significant improvements demonstrated in job satisfaction, willingness to recommend the organization as a great place to work and receive care, and sense of pride and ownership.
Lou Panza, CEO, attributes this in part to enhancing two-way communication with the entire workforce through implementation of the Daily Line-Up.
Please contact Marcy Vlachos at marcy.vlachos@healthstream.com for more information about Daily Line-Up.