Coaching for Physicians

Healthcare leaders need to get our physicians invested in creating a patient-centered experience, yet we struggle with how to help them connect the dots between their performance and patient perceptions of quality and the care experience. Physicians must be tapped as a crucial partner in becoming the “best possible hospital,” and Always delivering an excellent experience with the best quality outcomes for our patients and families. Whether they are admitted directly, or from the Emergency Department, the physicians encountered create a lasting impression. Whether your physicians are employed by the hospital, contracted, private or academically affiliated, they must be a collaborator in improving the quality of the patient experience.

Yet sometimes engaging physicians is challenging - particularly when they haven’t been treated as a partner in the past.  And success in cultural transformation, patient experience, and HCAHPS performance without physician buy in and commitment will be difficult at best.


So, how can you establish a healthy level of collaboration with physicians?  How can you fully engage them and create alignment that drives performance? At BLG we coach and train leaders and physicians to work closely together to create high performing organizations that place the patient at the center of our work.  This requires fostering buy-in and role-modeling of consistent and effective patient centered care strategies that align physicians to organizational goals.  Essential skills like patient centered communication and rounding techniques, and empowering physicians to improve patient care and drive top box HCAHPS scores are key elements of our coaching strategy.  


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