Coaching Hospitals

At Baptist Leadership Group, we are privileged to partner with hospitals and health systems from around the nation as they embark on their Journey to Patient Centered Excellence and delivering an exceptional experience for patients, staff and physicians. work together to improve the lives of the patients we serve. We are committed to delivering significant, guaranteed results for you as you work toward becoming the patient centered healthcare system of choice in your market.

We deliver a custom approach to driving results based, hardwiring behaviors and engaging the front line staff. Our solution encompasses four elements that we support through leadership development, coaching, training and curriculum. The four elements establish senior team urgency, leader alignment and grass-roots momentum at the staff level to improve the patient experience.  Our model and approach includes: 

  • Assessing your organization and creating a custom roadmap to drive significant and sustainable culture change
  • Transferring knowledge and hardwire processes to drive outcomes that achieve patient centered excellence
  • Preparing the organization to achieve HCAHPS, patient satisfaction and loyalty, quality and safety, and financial performance targets
  • Engaging all leaders, physicians and front-line staff in creating and owning the patient experience


Our goal is to provide solutions that bridge gaps and find opportunities to create a cultural transformation that places the patient at the center of our work – every patient, every time.

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