At BLG, we understand that you cannot manage what you are not measuring. Remember, measurement and data, reports, and scorecards are only as important as the change they drive throughout the organization. The key is to use your measurement to focus attention, create alignment and drive action.

We often see that organizations lack a critical pipeline to get the data to the individuals who will create success, the frontlines. These are the people actually rated on the surveys. Our research pinpoints that specific gaps in HCAHPS and patient satisfaction results often do not permeate the entire organization, from the senior leaders to the frontlines.

Our coaches train leaders, using evidence-based measurement tools, to interpret and translate performance data into actionable behaviors that improve scores and improve performance.

Physician Scorecard
We coach on the development of a scorecard/dashboard specific to physicians to support and monitor their performance in creating a patient centered culture.

Patient Satisfaction Action Tool™
Our tool translates vendor survey data into a snapshot of current performance --what is working, what is not -- and identifies priority, actionable behaviors that will drive improved scores.  It equips every level of leadership with the ability to easily communicate and act upon survey results in collaboration with staff and other disciplines.