Employee Engagement

A critical component of your journey to patient centered excellence is to  point your people in the right direction to accomplish improvements. As leaders we often scratch our heads, looking at our employees thinking, “what more can I do to get you engaged?”, “how can I get you to perform the level of service that I expect?”, or “why won’t my staff be consistent with patients?”  These are common struggles for all levels of leadership in health care.

We coach and train leaders to engage employees to create an ownership culture, where employees feel valued, their voice is heard, and that they play a critical role in the care we provide to our patients, no matter where they sit in the organization.

Service Teams
We create an infrastructure for employee engagement by developing service teams comprised of front line staff.  These teams create grass roots momentum for a patient centered culture throughout the organization.

  • Standards of Performance - Develops the behavioral expectations that helps define the service culture of the organization
  • Measurement – Supports leaders in translating performance data into behavior change to positively impact a quality health care experience
  • Communication - Champions information sharing and transparency
  • Patient Satisfaction- Introduces strategies and tactics to the organization to improve patient perceptions of care
  • Employee Satisfaction- Introduces strategies and tactics to the organization to improve employee perceptions and engagement
  • Leadership Development- Develops leaders skills and competencies to support achievement of organization’s goals
  • Physician Loyalty/Reward and Recognition – Supports alignment to Holy Spirit Health System’s journey, and improving HCAHPS scores and the overall patient experience from the physician’s perspective


Reward and Recognition

We teach key skills, approaches, techniques, and best practices to help leaders effectively reward and recognize high performers. 

Elements include how to harvest reward and recognition opportunities, thank you notes as a key engagement tool, formal recognition programs that support a patient focused culture, and informal methods that create a custom, individualized approach to thanking team members in your employee family.

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