Bright Ideas

How can you drive innovation and cost savings at your organization?  By empowering your employees at every level to share their ideas.  And who better to recommend process improvements, waste and cost reductions, and safety measures than the very people who walk the halls and care for patients every day?  Their creative solutions can be the answer to better outcomes and growth.
The Bright Ideas Manager is a web-based software system that helps you effectively manage and implement a paperless employee suggestion program.  Tested and deployed at our Baptist Health Care Learning Lab, there have been over 64,000 ideas submitted since 2000 resulting in $34.5 million in cost savings and revenue enhancements. In 2009 alone, Baptist Health Care submitted 13,809 ideas for an estimated savings of $5.9 million. 
The Bright Ideas Manager software monitors ideas from submission to implementation.  It informs employees and leaders status changes and provides a tracking system so that submitted ideas won’t be forgotten or overlooked. 
Software Features
  • Easy access for all employees to our intuitive, user friendly system
  • Easy review of submitted ideas, implementation status, and tracking
  • Corporate, facility, departmental, and individual progress all on one screen
  • Automated emails with updates and reminders
  • Global Reporting on cost and time savings, and success stories
You too can reduce costs, improve efficiency, patient quality, employee morale, and customer service with Bright Ideas.
Benefits for Employees
Benefits the Organization
  • Ideas are heard
  • A feeling of ownership
  • Less resistant to change
  • It’s fun
  • Part of the decision-making process
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Rewarded for their suggestions
  • Those closest to the patients/customers are making changes
  • Increases morale
  • Creates a positive image of management trusting staff
  • Eases the “us” versus “them” attitude
  • Reduces costs/saves money
  • Improves efficiency


Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, OR implemented Bright Ideas in 2009 and saw results.
  • Employee participation rose from 51% to 71%
  • Overall employee engagement increased from 3.13 (bottom quartile of database) to 3.50 (top quartile of database)
  • 47 of 51 core items surveyed in 2008 were significantly below the database and now 39 of 51 outperform the database norm
  • Innovation grew from 2.94 (lowest in 2008 database) to 3.70 (top decile) in 2009
  • “Employee input leads to change” went from 2.78 to 3.51
  • “Employee suggestions on how to improve performance are actively solicited” went from 3.05 to 3.53
  • 1,168 ideas have been submitted with over 350 implemented
  • Actual cost savings is $1 million
Contact Marcy Vlachos at for more information about Bright Ideas Manager.