Brad Weeks

Brad Weeks
Director of Performance Improvement and Research
Brad Weeks leads Performance Improvement and Research, and acts as a measurement coach for BLG, a HealthStream® Company. He coaches and trains at all levels of healthcare – from senior leader teams to front line staff - to establish alignment and engagement. His expertise is in connecting measurement and data to behaviors that drive outcomes for patients and families.

Brad and his team of coaches are responsible for developing and deploying the practice’s proprietary organizational assessment and measurement processes. These processes are a critical factor in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement at partner hospitals and health systems. They inform the custom approach we develop and deploy to achieve sustainable outcomes in HCAHPS performance, patient satisfaction, quality clinical outcomes, employee engagement, and the bottom line.

Brad was formerly the Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at Lakeview Center of Baptist Health Care where he was responsible for ensuring quality of care and service through the facilitation of organizational performance improvement initiatives. These included program accreditation and ISO 9001 certification. He led the Corporate Quality and Training Departments focusing on strategic planning, organizational development, employee and customer satisfaction, and leader evaluation processes. He continues to contribute to volunteer teams that support organizational measurement, staff development, research, and staff reward and recognition.

Prior to joining Baptist Health Care, Brad created and launched a leadership development program in the insurance industry, developed a process-based execution model. He has vast experience in improving service and operational excellence by deploying best practices in patient and employee satisfaction. His expertise in connecting passion to process has helped organizations improve outcomes across the balanced scorecard.