Baptist University

“Too often in healthcare, the only difference between the best floor nurse and the head nurse for the department is 72-hours over the weekend to decide if she really wants the job.” -- Al Stubblefield, President Emeritus, Baptist Health Care
The vision of Baptist University is to be the best people developer in America.  An organization cannot reach its goals without leaders who are aligned, accountable and trained to get the job done.  Believe it or not, our research shows that a “barista” at Starbucks receives more annual hours of development than a typical healthcare manager.
Our journey to patient centered excellence has taught us a few things:
  • All leaders require development on a consistent basis
  • Leader development must align with the organization’s annual goals
  • Leaders must live what they learn using competency and accountability tools, and their 90-day plans
How we help our partners develop their people is a direct result of what we began and continue to teach in-house at Baptist University, which has been recognized by Leadership Excellence as one of the Top Leadership Development Programs 2003, 2005, and 2007, and received Training Magazine's Top 125 Award for the twelfth consecutive year.
Training Magazine Award
If you would like to learn more about Baptist University, the leader development curriculum, and our approach to leader program development, please contact Marcy Vlachos at