Patient Centered Excellence Assessment
Our Custom, Evidence Based Approach

At BLG, a HealthStream Company, we begin every partnership with our Patient Centered Excellence Assessment.  While we all face many of the same challenges in healthcare, each organization has their own unique DNA.  Our process helps us understand your unique opportunities for improvement by uncovering what you are doing, and how well you are doing it by finding the gaps between the expectations – of patients, of employees – and their actual experience. It assesses consistency in the use of evidence based best practices designed to bridge gaps, and leader alignment to organizational goals.

The Assessment also includes our Patient Centered Excellence Survey™ a web-based all-employee survey.  From senior leaders to front line staff, we analyze perceptions about the tools and tactics you are using including communication techniques, rounding, systems of accountability, employee engagement and more. 

All findings and results are mapped to your key performance trends and outcomes, and provide a “reality check” for your senior leaders, leaders and staff who may think they are doing the right thing, yet your outcomes show there are challenges.  You receive a data-driven report delivered on site at your organization to your senior team and key stake holders including our recommended custom roadmap specific to you to help you bridge your gaps and achieving increases in HCAHPS performance, patient, employee and physician satisfaction scores, quality improvements, and aligned leader accountability, and increased profitability for the long term.

Our Process:

Step 1

  • You complete an organizational profile for BLG experts
  • You provide access to your organizational performance data to BLG experts


Step 2

  • BLG experts visit your organization for on site data and intelligence gathering
  • BLG works with you to deploy the Patient Centered Excellence Survey to all employees (10 minute survey, target 60% participation, typically open for 2 weeks, BLG hosts web based survey tool)


Step 3

  • BLG experts compile and provide analysis of all data and findings from various inputs
  • BLG experts develop detailed, custom report based on the Assessment findings
  • BLG creates custom Journey Map based on Assessment report and our recommendations for improvement


Step 4

  • BLG experts deliver Assessment report and custom Roadmap on site at your organization in a facilitated session with senior leadership team and key stakeholders


We maximize your financial investment by focusing on challenge areas