SPUH Gets Patient Satisfaction Results with Evidence-Based Accountability

Date: 02/04/2010
Success Story
Saint Peter’s University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ
Learn how Saint Peter’s University Hospital improved and sustained patient satisfaction.
Over the past two years, Baptist Leadership Group has partnered as a full-scale coach with Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.  We have implemented evidence-based accountability strategies, tool and tactics at this 478 bed teaching hospital to impact leader accountability and service excellence across the organization, and position them as a state-of-the-art provider of patient-centered services to the community.
Implementation of goal setting, standards of performance, service teams, introduction of Words that Work, introduction of hourly patient rounding, staff and leader rounding, and regularly publishing patient satisfaction scores has resulted in remarkable performance results.
Overall patient satisfaction has consistently trended upward, with individual unit performance exceeding and sustaining goals.  Additionally, Saint Peter’s boasts one of the best Oncology units in the state, with this unit scoring in the mid to high 90s percentile for patient satisfaction consistently over the last year.
  1. Inpatient satisfaction exceeded the goal by 2 % for the 4th quarter at 72nd percentile. Goal was 70th percentile.
  2. Eight Nursing Units have consistently sustained the 90th percentile for the last quarter and 4 nursing units have sustained performance above Saint Peter’s goal of the 70th percentile for 9 months.
  3. HCAHPS for the 4th quarter had a top box score of 70% which is the 88th percentile for overall BEST hospital designation.

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