Rounding and RELATE drive patient satisfaction scores for Atmore Community Hospital

Date: 03/02/2010
RELATETM Real-Time Results
Atmore Community Hospital
Atmore, Alabama
Learn how Rounding4 and RELATETM helped Atmore Community Hospital (ACH)
improve and sustain patient satisfaction.
Have you ever wondered how you can achieve patient centered excellence and sustain it? Atmore Community Hospital is a great model to follow.
ACH has reported patient satisfaction scores at the 99th percentile for three consecutive months.   These outcomes were achieved through educating and training both leaders and staff.
“We are always striving to be the best, and it starts with our people.”
Bill Perkins, Administrator, ACH
Last August the hospital collaborated with the human resources people development team and Baptist Leadership Group (BLG) to conduct seminars and training sessions. That month a member of the team met with ACH leaders to train and coach them with a primary focus on patient satisfaction.
In October BLG hosted a leadership retreat that focused on leader rounding. Representatives from BLG spent three days shadowing and coaching leaders and sharing rounding techniques. They also helped leaders learn how to focus on key improvement opportunities based on ACH's patient satisfaction data.
Atmore Community Hospital
Overall Patient Satisfaction
The following month staff members attended RELATE training where they learned to Reassure, Explain, Listen, Answer, Take action and Express appreciation to help ensure consistent, meaningful, communication with patients and their families throughout their health care experience. The sessions helped reinforce the BHC culture and spirit of service excellence.
Atmore Community Hospital
Environmental Services Patient Satisfaction
 “We already have genuine, compassionate and expert staff.  But empowering employees with more knowledge makes our organization an even greater place to work and receive care.” - Bill Perkins

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