Why Coaching Matters
The healthcare industry has been on a mission to create and sustain patient centered excel­lence for many years. The healthcare landscape continues to change, and there is a renewed sense of urgency to place the patient at the center of our work. We’re now responsible for more lives at a time when the healthcare industry faces soaring costs, falling reimbursement rates, rigorous standards of quality, workforce shortages and empowered patients as consumers.  The HCAHPS survey and the potential financial impact of value-based purchasing has elevated the patient experience to one of the most pressing issues we in healthcare face. Now more than ever, we must all focus on creating cultures that transform how patients perceive the care we deliver. The financial health of our organiza­tions depends on it.

Our Model and Approach
Our coaches bring the evidence-based, proven tools, tactics, and best practices that were pioneered at Baptist Health Care, to your organization. As your partner, we help you improve by providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to craft a strategy that drives performance. We teach you the tools and tactics that your front-line leaders can implement to get the job done every day, every patient, every time.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your organization to understand what you’re doing right and where the gaps exist.  Then, we work with you to develop a custom plan for improvement.  Then we work with you to execute that plan.  We help you create alignment, set balanced, measureable goals, and create systems to hold leaders and staff accountable to performance and behavioral expectations that support your culture.  We help you develop measurement systems to continuously monitor and adjust your roadmap in order to achieve and sustain your goals over the long term.

Our coaching results speak for themselves.  We create high performing healthcare cultures that place the patient at the center of our work – every patient, every time.
We are committed to your success, and we guarantee results.  Please contact Marcy Vlachos at marcy.vlachos@healthstream.com to start your journey.